A Day with Discernment

Discernment: Recognizing and Responding to God

"We have not ceased praying for you and asking

that you may be filled with the knowledge of God’s will

in all spiritual wisdom and understanding,  

so that you may lead lives worthy of the Lord"

Col 9-10 NRSV

Join us! for a Day with some basics on...


Saturday May 22nd, 2021


Many of us have not been taught or encountered the rich spiritual heritage and wisdom that our Christian tradition & the Scriptures have to offer in its teaching regarding spiritual discernment.  Spiritual discernment can be so much more than finding a purpose, making decisions, picking a vocation/calling, or having wisdom to choose between right & wrong.   

What if... discernment isn't all about finding out what God is telling you to do?

What if... God's will isn't some mysterious code you have to painstakingly try and decipher?

What if... what you desire matters to God and may be a way that He is actually guiding you- as He honors your personhood and free-will?

What if...

"Purpose is not something we passively receive from God;

purpose is something we actively create with God."

-Kirk Byron Jones, Holy Play; The Joyful Adventure of Unleashing Your Divine Purpose

What if... God's hope for you is to live free and empowered with Him?

Join us and others on the quest to discover and encounter more of God and His life-giving ways!

Date: Saturday May 22nd, 2021

Time:  10am to 3pm (with a break for lunch from 12-1pm)


10am- Welcome, Opening & Introduction

10:15am - What is Spiritual Discernment?

  • Getting familiar with some of the terms and characteristics of discernment

  • What does the Bible have to say about discernment

  • Meet some wise Christian spiritual writers

10:30am - a Spiritual Exercise

11am- How do I Begin?

  • Laying a Foundation & Basic Principles

  • Common reasons for being stuck

  • Why our image of God matters

11:30am - a Spiritual Exercise

12-1pm Lunch break

1pm - Methods & Ways of Discernment

  • Thoughts, Feelings, Desires, Reality & Passions... what do I do with all these?

  • Different ways of Communication

  • How do I know I'm Experiencing God?

1:30pm - a Spiritual Exercise

2pm - Myths, Cautions & Going Forward

  • Myths & Lies about Discernment. What's most important

  • Things to Remember. A new way of being

  • Resources & tools

2:30pm - a Spiritual Exercise

3pm - Closing Benediction

This day will include times of short teaching, spiritual practices, guided meditations, musical interludes, times for quiet personal reflection, and a pdf booklet for journaling.  

Location: Zoom Webinar--I know, I know!  Let's get Creative!!

And if you are tired of being on Zoom? Try printing the booklet ahead of time and take the audio outside in your backyard or some other comfy spot.  No need to watch the screen to participate, simply follow along with the live audio guidance and enjoy some beautiful scenery instead of staring at a screen all day!

Gather a friend or your bible study group safely and do this together, using the lunch break to process and share what the Lord is revealing.

Although we are looking forward to being in person soon, this Webinar platform allows for others to join that are not local.  It also provides a relaxed atmosphere where one is not seen or heard, and therefore not as distracted- which helps us to focus more on the Lord, our inner movements and the activity of the Holy Spirit during the day.

Cost: $40

Please reach out if the cost is prohibitive for you, we often have scholarship funds available.  Don't let the cost keep you from attending!

Discernment is not just about the "shoulds" or questions of what "should" I do? At its heart, discernment includes the deeper question and foundation of "Who am I becoming? Who is God forming me to be?" "How am I relating to God and He to me?" and from there I might ponder... "What might we might do together with my life? Where is God inviting me to join Him and how can I live connected to Him every day?"

We will utilizing some of the teachings and experiences from our Christian heritage, like St. Ignatius of Loyola, as he teaches us to understand...

"God desires for us to make good decisions and will help us to do so.  All we need to do, besides having a good intention, is not only rely on our (literally) God-given reason but also pay attention to the movements of our heart, which was also given to us by God." 

-Mark Thibodeaux, SJ / God's Voice Within


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"Living a spiritually mature life requires listening to God's voice within and among us.  The great news of God's revelation is not simply that 'I am,' but also that God is actively present in the moments of our lives at all times and places.  Our God is a God who cares, heals, guides, directs, challenges, confronts, corrects.  To discern means first of all to listen to God, to pay attention to God's active presence, and to obey God's prompting, direction, leadings, and guidance."

-Henri Nouwen; Discernment: Reading the Signs of the Daily Life

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