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Freedom Group (pilot class):

A Mind-Body-Spirit Connection Course

(sorry, this class is now full)


“The Truth Will Set You Free” 

John 8:32

This is a new course I’m putting together that I am super excited about.  I have been entrenched in this research and work, and it is part of what has brought about some of my physical/emotional healing this year. 

               After years of studying the emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of life…this missing piece for me of the body, this mind-body connection, has given me freedom in ways I never dreamed of.   

               This class will involve some deeper emotional work (but you will never be asked to share it out loud in the group). It will include lots of education in the science behind how learned neural pathways in the brain and our beliefs can subconsciously be running our lives; and why we find change and healing sometimes elusive. These pathways and beliefs are kind of like a computer program running below the surface in our subconscious mind. 

     God designed you in such a way that your spirit, mind and body are inextricably interwoven. When one aspect of your being is not well, it impacts on all other aspects of who you are.  The medical and health profession generally refer to this as the mind-body connection. Those who realize that we are, at our core, spiritual beings, will recognize this as the spirit-mind-body connection.

     The class will include lots of practical skills and tools to help literally reprogram/rewire your brain, calm your nervous system and bring your subconscious into your awareness - where change, healing and growth can actually happen.

  • We will be using the Workbook “Unlearn your Pain” or “Unlearn Your Anxiety and Depression” by Dr. Harold Schubiner MD, as the anchor for our coursework. You will pick the one that best suits your issues, symptoms, goals and needs. 

“Cutting-edge research shows that stressful or traumatic life events can create patterns in the brain that may be advantageous at first but, in the long run, can pose barriers to achieving emotional health.”

  • Two group times are being offered on Tuesdays, one in the morning from 9:30-11:30am and one in the evening from 6:30-8:30pm in Palatine.  The class will start on June 4th and run through August 20th (off 7/2 and 7/30).  Each class will have an education component, an exercise or tool we will do together in class, a short meditation and an opportunity for class discussion. 10 Sessions. Min 6/Max 8 participants. (Click here for class schedule)

-sorry, this class is now full-


  • Commitment Required. There will be some reading involved each week, an amount of “work” expected (which might be writing, or some other exercise/practice listed in the workbook), and class attendance will be really important.   Also, a financial commitment is requested of a one time fee of $150 for all the facilitated classes plus a $50/Material fee which includes a Workbook & two additional books you will receive (total of $200).  This is an investment in yourself most importantly, and also to compensate my time and effort in the writing and facilitation of the group.

  • Group time: Each time we gather we will spend some time on education with some of the leading experts (via video/audio/books) in this field, time for group discussion of the process and what you're learning, we'll practice a skill together each week, share some quiet together through a contemplative meditation/prayer, and find encouragement in each other.   (Click here for more information about class topics and schedule)


  • Who would benefit from this class?  Besides people dealing with chronic pain, anxiety and depression symptoms- I really do believe everyone can benefit from these materials and this work.  Whether it is emotional/physical pain, various symptoms or unwanted behavioral issues or negative thoughts that you are wanting to change or understand (see here for a more inclusive symptom list)- just come and join us!


As Paul describes in Romans 7:19-20 MSG;

"I can will it, but I can’t do it. I decide to do good, but I don’t really do it;

I decide not to do bad, but then I do it anyway.

My decisions, such as they are, don’t result in actions.

Something has gone wrong deep within me and gets the better of me every time.”

Come and learn more about what’s getting the better of you!

  • Each class and discussion with be led through the lens of a Christian Worldview, because I am a follower of Jesus, but all are welcome here. We will include, in our discussions and exercises, ways in which our faith and image of God inhibits (if distorted) and helps our healing and the mind-body connection.

  • Goal and Hope of Each Class:

  1. Education, Science, Research, Information

  2. Encouragement/Accountability/Comradery  - You're not Alone

  3. Safe Group Discussions - to Process and ask Questions

  4. Tools/Exercises -Practicing together

  5. Testimonials of those that have experienced Healing and Recovery

  6. Short Time of Quiet, Meditations - Help with Quieting the Mind

Please RSVP by Tuesday May 21st


New Registration Method: I will be offering several opportunities this summer, but my registration process will be a bit different.  I am in a different spiritual season and have no need to do more classes or retreats, instead I want to offer what you need.  I will put forth some opportunities, but this time I will give you a deadline for registration.  If there are enough people signed up by the date, then I will take that as the interest level to proceed and I will use this to guide me.   This class is open to men and women ages 16 and up.

To register simply send an email stating your desire to join the group or fill out the contact page on this website and and send your payment(via Venmo, ApplePay, Chase QuickPay or Cash, Check).

DISCLAIMER- Please note I am not a therapist or counselor; I am not a medical doctor and will not be giving any medical/mental advice or be making any diagnoses.  Please consult a professional doctor to rule out serious medical conditions and seek a trained counselor for support with severe mental issues.


There will be some discernment and requirements regarding admittance into this class. 

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