For those wanting to support this ministry...

Doing Christian ministry can be a bit difficult in the area of asking for financial support.  On the one hand, many of us wish we didn't have to charge or ask for support, because we don't want those participating to think we are in this just for "money" or financial gain.

Our hearts want your hearts to know that we do this out of love and devotion to Jesus.

But because of the practicalities of life, especially for those of us doing full-time ministry - there are just real costs for living life and other things like websites, training, preparation, etc (we know you get it). So we do need financial support. 

If you feel so led, please contribute a non-deductible offering below. This helps us continue. Thank you!

to avoid paypal fees... we also accept funds through Chase QuickPay, Zelle, an old fashion Check, ApplePay and

Venmo @ cecilia-whitacre

(contributions are not tax deductible)