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Change by Grace

Join us this Fall 2020!

What is Forming?

     Forming is a fresh, life-giving approach to spiritual growth and restoration that may be very different from what you have tried before. What makes Forming unique is that instead of relying on your willpower and self-effort to bring about change in your life, we help you build a relationship with God that is vibrant enough to let Him change you from the inside out.

     Forming consists of twelve sessions, each with a particular focus intended to jump-start your spiritual life and help you develop greater intimacy with God.

     Forming is our most requested course and one that people take again & again, because it is so life-changing. We don't know when we will offer it again - so don't miss this opportunity!


Saturday Mornings

Beginning Sept. 5th thru Dec. 12th, 2020

(no class: Sat. Sept. 12th,  possibly Oct. 17th,  and Nov. 28th)


9:30-11:30am - 2 hour meeting w/a short break halfway


Due to Covid-19 we will currently only be offering this course on the Zoom platform due to the class size and the variety of locations of class participants.


  • Home work level is light but meaningful.  There are simple practices you can do during the week to engage the materials.

  • There are short readings/articles each session

  • 12 session commitment to attend, be present and participate


  • $190 for the entire 12 sessions (that's less than $15/per session or what you'd pay for a 1 hr local fitness class!)  OR make four monthly payments of $48 each during: Sept/Oct/Nov/Dec.

    • This offering covers 2 hrs class each week w/leader facilitation,  covers other expenses like internet & zoom, helps w/scholarships, and additional resources provided.

    • BONUS! includes a complimentary Spiritual Direction session w/Cecilia to process what you are learning, if desired.

  • Special Discount & Scholarships for those suffering from the pandemic job loss & financial hardship- offer only what or if you can.

Please don't ever let the cost keep you from attending!


You will need to purchase a Forming Workbook, on your own, prior to class.

You can order it here.

Optional Reading (not required).  Author David Takle has also written a corresponding book Forming: A Work of Grace.  (the book is organized into 12 chapters to match the course format, plus a special section devoted to spiritual practices, but will not be covered in class)


It's not too late, you can still join us! (Registration will remain open until 9/25)

Last day to join is 9/26.

Forming is designed to help people move away from performance-driven efforts

to live the Christian life and demonstrates how to develop a relationship with God

that has enough substance to change us from the inside out.

To find out more about Forming, click here.

To find out more and read a Summary of the Twelve Sessions:

  1. Changing Our Minds About Change

  2. God is Relational

  3. Conversations with God (Focusing / Listening)

  4. Conversations with God (Discerning / Responding)

  5. Grace as a Means for Change

  6. Practice (Balancing God’s Part and Our Part)

  7. Practice (What to Expect)

  8. Practice (Barriers to Engaging with God)

  9. Renewing Our Mind

  10. Healing Our Identity and Self-Hate

  11. Disarming Our Fears and Anxiety

  12. Two Kinds of Maturity (spiritual and natural)

"Forming is the most impactful bible study or small group curriculum I've ever taken!"   -Cecilia

We look forward to growing with you-

and believing what Jesus says is true!

Jesus said;

"I have come that they may have life,

and have it to the full."

John 10:10

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