Mountain Lake Reflection

 Jesus said;

“And what do you benefit if you gain the whole world

but lose your own soul? "

Mark 16:26

everyday practices for a world gone mad

Why join this study?
     It is a breath of fresh air!
     We live in soul-scorching times. The 24-7 onslaught of contemporary life—with its never-ending feed of global tragedies, demands for our attention, and pressures of work, church commitments, family, and friends—has left many of us feeling ragged, wrung-out, anxious, depressed and emptied.
     If we have no margin in our lives, how do we find room to change anything? In this eye-opening, beautifully filmed & contemporary video Bible study, John Eldredge distills a lifetime of wisdom into simple ready-to-implement, biblical - yet modern - ways of getting your life back in these challenging times.
     These simple, yet profound, practices and teachings will enable you to begin recovery, focus on what matters most, disengage from the tragedies of this broken world... so that you may discover the restorative power of beauty and your life in God.  

About This Study...


Pausing, Benevolent Detachment, Beauty, Impact of cultural challenges/technology/social media, Unplugging, Kindness towards ourselves, Transitions, Getting Outside, Remembering Whom you love, Surrender, Caring for neglected places, the Gift of Memory, Belief, the Hidden Life, Simple Daily things

Recommended Uses: Small Group

Homework Time Commitment: Short Daily readings & reflection questions each week, simple weekly practices

Study Format: Video Study DVD with Study Guide and Core Book

Sessions: Eight

Sample Resources: Study Guide Sample Chapter  |  Core Book Sample Chapter 

9:30-11:30am CST (with a short break)
Eight Saturday Mornings
Beginning January 16th - ending March 13th, 2021
(no class Sat. Feb. 20th due to the Lenten Retreat)
We will be utilizing the online platform - Zoom 
(minimum of 8 attendees needed to hold the class)
$120 for full payment
     or make two monthly payments of $60 
And if you are experiencing a financial hardship during this time, please let us know as we often have scholarships available.  Please don't let the fee keep you away!
Purchase both the Participant Study guide
And purchase the GYLB Book on your own prior to class
RSVP & Register:
 and Jesus said;
“Come with me
by yourselves
to a quiet place
and get some rest.”
Mark 6:31