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What is Restarting?

Restarting is a Christian program, grounded in biblical teachings that also incorporates brain science, the latest psychology research, and introduces a Christian inner healing model-  so join me and find the healing and growth you've been longing for!

The Goal of Restarting is to deepen your connection and life with God. 

"The Goal of Restarting is to be made fully alive in Him, flowing in the easy rhythm of the Spirit,

and empowered to fulfill the unique purposes for which God has created us."


See a brief description and the class topics below. 

Being a trained facilitator, I have led this class several times over the past 8 years and it has impacted my life in huge ways.  Every time I do it I learn more.  I am so excited to lead it again!

"Restarting is a revolutionary solution-based approach for building joy, receiving inner healing, and developing life-giving relationships. Advancing beyond traditional treatment, current support group methods, and secular or spiritual approaches to recovery.  Restarting offers hope for those that have tried other approaches and still feel hurt, empty, alone, and ashamed of their struggles and behaviors. 

Restarting groups will learn how they are created for joy (being glad to be together), from the very beginning. They will learn how to recognize where their brain lacks joy and how to connect with others in order to retrain their brains FOR JOY!  Restarting groups use a combination of joy building exercises and DVD teachings from Pastor Ed Khouri and a workbook full of notes and additional follow up questions and 12 Step applications. Each class is 1/3 teaching and 2/3 exercises! Restarting is all about retraining the brain.. not just understanding why we are the way we are!

Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.

Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.

Romans 12:2

Lesson Topics:

Week 1 Train Your Brain for Change! How is the Brain Organized? What Does it Need? 

Week 2 The 2 Skills Your Brain Can’t Live Without. The Rhythms of Joy and Quiet. 

Week 3 Calming Our Painful Emotions. Returning to Joy, Part 1: Synchronization & Negative Emotions. 

Week 4 Strategies That Keep You Stuck. Returning to Joy, Part 2: Capacity, Attachment & BEEPs. The Big Six Emotions.

Week 5 Healthy Relationships. What is Secure Attachment? Level 4+ Joy Stories.

Week 6 Painful & Toxic Relationships. Attachment & Trauma (We’ll combine lesson 6&7 here to finish before Christmas break) Returning to Joy from Negative Emotions

Week 7 Trauma, HOPE and Recovery

Week 8 Leaving Co-Dependency Behind. Medicating to Regulate Emotions.

Week 9 Attachments That Kill: How Addictions Re-wire Your Brain. The Immanuel Healing Process

Week 10 Recovering Our Lost Identity

Week 11 & 12 The Blueprint for a New You! & Celebration


Brain retraining, neuroscience, Immanuel healing, Christian community and discipleship training! Its all here.


Don’t be put-off by the words “addiction” or “trauma.”  The way that these are defined in the program relate to all of us.  See the definitions below.

Helpful Terms Defined:

Attachment: Emotional attachment/bonding is the deep, enduring emotional connection between ourselves(and God) and specific people that we know and that are important to us.


Addiction:  When we use “things” to medicate or regulate unwanted emotions instead of dealing with them in healthy ways. Addiction isn't just about hard drugs.  "Soft addictions are those seemingly harmless habits like watching too much television, over-shopping, surfing the Internet, eating, gossiping -- the things we overdo but we don't realize it," Judith Wright tells WebMD. “Soft addictions can be a problem, she says, because life is to be lived and not escaped from.”


Trauma: is a painful experience that has not been fully processed.  We all have some trauma when defined this way when something has been beyond our capacity to handle.


So what exactly are we talking about when we say “joy?”
"Joy is a relational experience that forms the basis for spiritual experience, human bonding, healthy identity growth and good health in general.

Scripture demonstrates that joy happens when we recognize and experience that God is with us. Human biology is designed for joy.  You have never heard of a person who goes to a therapist for “joy reduction.”  Unfortunately, we often form groups that are brought together by a shared fear or problem.  Whether they are families, churches or recovery groups, what if, instead, we formed our groups around joy?"

- Life Model Works

Please reach out with any questions.

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