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Seeking God Together
Intro class

You will seek me

and find me

when you seek me

with all your heart.

Jeremiah 29:13

Seeking God Together - Intro class

Who's this class for?

  • Anyone wanting to grow in their relationship with the Lord

  • Those new to spiritual direction/companioning and are interested in learning about it

  • Someone wanting to experience receiving spiritual companionship in a caring group setting.

  • Anyone wanting to be more intentional about the ways they listen 

  • Those wanting to grow in confidence and trust of hearing God communicating and noticing His movements and invitations

  • Those desiring a more contemplative community and ways of connecting with God

  • If you are facing an important decision or transition and want to grow in ways of discernment

  • Also a great refresher & supportive class for spiritual directors wanting to learn about the dynamics of group direction.


Hope of the Gatherings

"The purpose of group spiritual direction is to provide a place where individuals can experience what it means to be listened to and loved by others, so that they can learn to listen more attentively to God in their daily lives and be used by God to spread God’s grace and love throughout the world.”


Alice Fryling – Author, Seeking God Together

“When asked by a friend how she prayed for her, a thirteenth-century anchoress,

Julian of Norwich, responded:

'I look at God, I look at you,

and I keep on looking at God.'"

— from “Group Spiritual Direction” by Rose Mary Dougherty


We will utilize two books and spend a brief time when we gather discussing them, but they are mainly to give us a good biblical foundation & resources for our learning, practice and experience.


Seeking God together by Alice Fryling


Life Together in Christ by Ruth Haley Barton

Class Schedule

We'll meet approximately twice a month

at my home in Palatine, in-person (on zoom if needed for snow days)

Thursday Mornings


beginning the week of Wed. Sept. 14th, 2023

​Tentative Schedule

Suggested Offering/Stipend requested 3 Payments:

            It is preferred you give in three installments over the 9 months:

            1st due Sept 1st - $150

            2nd due Dec. 1st - $150

            3rd due Mar. 1st - $150


I don’t want anyone not to participate because of finances, so please reach out and we'll work something out.

Registration is now closed.

Commitment - We ask for a commitment to the group to attend from Sept 2023 to May 2024.  Because this group will be limited and will be closed once it is full, your prayerful discernment is needed in making this commitment. An initial discernment conversation is requested if we don't know each other, to help with seeing if this would be a good fit.

This group will be limited in size. 

What to expect...

This will be a listening group, using a group Spiritual direction format and be facilitated by a trained spiritual director - Cecilia Whitacre.


It isn’t a bible study or book study(although there is some), but a more focused time of seeking the Lord together for ourselves and in learning thru Him how to listen better for and on behalf of one other.

Please reach out with any questions.

This group will not be the right fit or timing for everyone, please prayerfully discern with God if it feels like an invitation from Him. 


Please complete the form and make the 1st payment above to secure your spot.



More information about: Group Spiritual Direction

“In group spiritual direction the goal is not to answer life’s questions.

The goal is to draw closer to God in the midst of the questions.”

                                                                                   Alice Fryling

Each gathering will be an opportunity to begin with a prayer experience, then we'll take some time to discuss & learn new skills and dynamics of holy listening.  We will also spend time with you taking part in and actually experiencing a Spiritual Direction/Sacred listening group – we hope this is not just gaining information but an experiential experience of God's care for you.

Group Spiritual direction may be for you...

  • If you want to tend to your faith life in a deeper, more intentional way…

  • If you sense that God is doing something new or you feel stuck in your life…

  • If you long to accompany others in their faith journey…

  • If you are struggling to discern the presence of God in your life…

  • If you long to hear God and also to be heard

  • If you are willing to make a disciplined commitment to the group

Each of our spiritual journeys are unique to us alone, but growth and blessings come when we share those journeys with one another.

Group Spiritual Direction may be new to you

Here are some basics for you to know:

  • The primary purpose of a spiritual direction group is to listen together for the movement of God’s Spirit in each other’s’ lives.

  • Spiritual direction groups are usually made up of five to eight people, including a trained facilitator.

  • Each gathering will have a short discussion on the book which is grounded in the Scriptures, as you learn the basics and the rich Christian heritage of Spiritual direction and way of holy listening.

  • A typical gathering includes a period of silence to prepare, prayer, one or two people sharing from their own life experience, prayerful listening and Spirit-prompted group noticings, ended by a closing prayer.

  • Confidentiality within the group is strictly honored.

  • A commitment to attend each session is expected.

What a spiritual direction group is NOT:

  • A Bible study (although the teachings & readings are grounded and full of the Word of God)

  • A casual coffee get together (although we'll have plenty of coffee!)

  • A support group (we are supportive during our time together, but not intent on fostering ongoing support outside our meeting times)

  • An adult education class (although there will be education and learning through our readings and brief discussions, education is not our primary goal)

  • A therapy group (I am not a therapist)

  • A coaching or advice giving space (we are not coming together to fix or find action steps for one another)

Groups will be facilitated by Cecilia Whitacre (who is a trained and experienced spiritual director).

"Spiritual growth isn't about learning how by studying 

but who you are becoming

as you discern the movements and invitations of God

in and through your daily life.  

The spiritual journey is about allowing the Spirit

to remove the internal debris that stand in the way

of the deepest union with God"


Joann Nesser founder of Christos; Center for Spiritual Formation

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