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In the book Contemplative Prayer: Praying When the Well Runs Dry - Joann Nesser writes ...


For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope. Jeremiah 29:11

With this focus we begin by looking at foundational beliefs we hold about one's own value, who God is and our purpose as His creation on this planet.

Are you simply what you do or your role in society or your family?  Where does your identity and value come from? What is God's will for your life, what are you passionate about? where do you see Him working around you and inviting you to join Him?   If you struggle or are confused about your self-worth and your purpose in life, mentoring in this area maybe helpful for you!

Family at a Beach


“The Truth Will Set You Free” 

John 8:32


We are living in an unrepresented time called the Information Age, where more information has come to us in the last 30 years than in all of the last 300 years. And due to the Digital Revolution, it is coming at us faster and non-stop. Is it any wonder that anxiety, depression, suicide, addiction, chronic pain and mental illness are on the rise? 

"Emotions like anger, fear, guilt, anxiety, sadness, resentment, jealousy, depression, and stress can manifest within the body and contribute to imbalance and disease. 

When you experience emotional states like sadness, joy, or anger, physiological sensations occur in different areas of your body.

Due to this mind-body connection, the way you think and feel and the deep-seated belief patterns you hold can all contribute to the development of disease. If you do not explore and deal with painful emotions, they can create an underlying sense of anxiety, depression, or anger that can physically disrupt the body’s natural ability to heal itself."  

-Dr. Jennifer Weinberg, MD, MPH, MBE

Come learn more about the neuroscience of how God has wired you brain and the remarkable ways we can unlearn and rewire neural pathways that are no longer serving us into ones that do and how all this may affect our physical & spiritual health.  Gaining some insights & tools  here maybe helpful for you!

(This is not counseling or therapy)

Creative Thoughts

John 8:12


"Because most denominations rightly stress that we are saved by grace and not by works, there is a reluctance to talk about spiritual growth, spiritual formation, and spiritual disciplines in Protestant churches.  

There is a fear that people will think they can earn more of God's love and favor by doing such things.  That fear keeps many from exploring traditional spiritual practices that open the door to personal spiritual growth.

Instead of inviting people to practice spiritual disciplines, we teach.

We offer more and more workshops, seminars, and classes believing that if we are learning we are growing.


When I speak of the spiritual journey I am speaking in the classic sense of growing awareness and union with God and God's will. The spiritual journey takes place within the soul, in the deepest center of our personal being.


It is not about gaining intellectual knowledge, but rather the knowledge that comes from love of God and of self."

“That Christ may make His home in your hearts through faith.”Ephesians 3:17

Wild Path


 Him we proclaim, warning everyone and teaching everyone with all wisdom, that we may present everyone mature in Christ.  Col. 1:28

What is our spiritual journey supposed to look like?  How do we know we are progressing and maturing in Christ or even on the right path, doing the right things? What is the meaning of life or our end goal supposed to be?

Whether you need help getting unstuck and are in a spiritually dry season - or perhaps you are excitedly growing and just need a little light for some next steps and encouragement, gaining some knowledge of the spiritual path and stages maybe helpful for you!



Our Joy Is To Walk Alongside You

What is Spiritual Mentoring/Discipleship?

Spiritual Discipleship or mentoring includes robust, encouraging conversations about spiritual matters with a wise trained mentor who's a few steps down the road.  The conversation might include some guidance and resources if appropriate, as we seek together to notice the Lord's invitations to you.  A more modern term might be "coaching."

One might come seeking mentoring in a specific area of their lives such as...

  • discovering your identity, purpose & calling

  • affirming your spiritual gift and unique design 

  • noticing where you are or may be even stuck in your spiritual journey

  • needing help with discerning life decisions

  • the practice of Spiritual Disciplines and living the way of Jesus

  • cultivating a more holistic spirituality- mind/heart/body

  • hearing God with more confidence

  • assistance in taking negative thoughts captive

  • working more intentionally with relational brain skills & maturity 

      We'll take time to learn from the Lord's wisdom and facilitate a sacred space just for you using a variety of trusted Christian spiritual practices, the Word of God and resources & tools to help you grow into all God's created you to be.

“If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time.” 

Zig Ziglar

Why Choose Mentoring?

     Millions of people who do not need professional counseling (or in conjunction with it) have begun to work with mentors to assist them in finding their God-given heart's passion, while building a more sustainable schedule and life around what truly matters to them and God.  They receive help in clarifying the direction and path the Lord is calling them on. This can be done, all while allowing the Lord to bring awareness to the deeper work of removing blocks, resistance and hindrances that might be getting in the way of all He has for you.

A spiritual mentor (one who offers discipleship in the ways of Jesus), is someone who offers their knowledge, experience and insights to those with less experience.  By offering their experience, mentors help to guide mentees to God, while offering them valuable resources and spiritual practices.


Transformation into the character of Christ, that is often missing from discipleship programs,

happens when people get wounds healed and learn relational brain skills.


“Where there is no guidance, the people fall,

but in abundance of counselors
there is victory.” 

– Proverbs 11:14

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